Railway Drawings


Here you can download pictures and short descriptions of trains for Zoltán Szabó's Traffic-Bildschirmschoner: (Please klick the category titles!)






1900 - 1950


1950 - 1975


1975 - 1990


seit 1990









Denmark and Norway



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Other Categories


Buses and Coaches






General annotations


Annotation concerning copyright: Non-commercial usage of the pictures is free. You may forward the pictures to other people, you may publish them in other places, and you may revise them - but inform the author about such actions via e-mail! Please set a link from your website to mine in this case! Of course you are not allowed to earn money with my pictures ...


Constructive criticism, praise, and suggestions are welcome, whether as an email or in my guestbook.


If you want to download versions of the pictures for the MM&MM Screensaver, you will find them in Zoltán Szabós huge collection! Attention! The latest pictures aren't always available there. Email me if you don't find the train you wish there, so that I can send it to you individually. (However, this offer is only valid for limited numbers of pictures.)




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